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CAMS Western Australian Rally Championships and Series – 2017 Regulations

Sunday, 20 November 2016
Link to the updated CWARCS

It’s CWARCS time of year again!

The transition from 2016 to 2017 CWARCS has worked its way along a familiar path with the regular changes to winners, dates and references to National Rally Code adjusting slightly. Each year the Rally Advisory Panel look to the future and work to determine what the best options are moving forward. Rally Advisory Panel have updated the previous document with agreed wording and correcting some errors that made it difficult to follow.

Read the draft CWARCS

Link to the updated CWARCS

CWARCS Updated!

A summary of the changes is:

  • Changed dates
  • Changed cover photo, winners and organisers
  • Added a standard framework for Applications to Rally Advisory Panel for approvals, how to contact, timing etc.
  • Removed 2WD Challenge (and related sections)
  • Added Clubman Masters Series (and related sections like eligibility, RallySafe is compulsory and awards)
  • Confirmed Clubman Cup Series is the entry level competition (and improved the wording, should be easier to follow now)
  • First time Clubman Cup Series competitors can drive the course before their first event and note cautions
  • Confirmed it is possible to add cautions to the road book for Clubman Cup Series and Clubman Masters Series competitors
  • Rookie wording changed to “started in two or less”
  • Changed vehicle eligibility to include Clubman Masters
  • Made provision for C2, C3 and C4 cars to run if approved by application to the Rally Advisory Panel
  • DRV content removed (in the hope it will speed up the process :) )
  • Changed scrutiny location and removed timing restrictions
  • G7 Servicing: updated Reference to Service as per ARC Technical Regs
  • Reduced points awarded to competitors that rejoin events by 50%
  • Applied the ‘must start three events and finish one’ to all series awards
  • Moved towards aligning with CAMS series trophies philosophy, CAMS will present the higher level awards only and the Rally Advisory Panel will provide the class awards. Class awards will not be presented at the CAMS awards, only at the RallyWA awards.
  • Combined PRC and Group N into capacity class awards and adjusted Historic / Classic into one award
  • Removed Event Timetable section to the organiser’s manual, we may remove some more sections
  • Vehicle signage, Level 2 sponsors now in landscape instead of portrait format and relaxed location for this sign, Level 1 sponsor layout option changed
  • Provided greater flexibility for names on cars
  • Added Course Cars to carry series sponsor signage

If you would like to provide feedback contact Paul van der Mey at cwarcs@rallywa.com or use the “Get in Touch” page.

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