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How is my Seeding DPI calculated?



Is my 2wd Seeding Clubman Masters or Clubman Cup?

From 2017 Round 1, a new Clubman series has been introduced: Clubman Masters. If you have been competing regularly in the Clubman Cup series and you have held a 2wd DPI (seeding) greater than 0.8500 for more than two years as of 1st January of any year since 2007, or you have been a winner of any Championship or Series, then you can no longer participate in the Clubman Cup series. Refer 2017 CWARCS / D2 / vi) through to x) (pages 9 & 10).
Note 17-Oct-17: As per 2017 CWARS / D2 / viii) (a), three current Clubman Cup series eligible drivers will be moving up to Clubman Masters status as of 1st January 2018. JT


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